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Food Allergies in Children

Allergies seem to be on the increase and often parents think their child is allergic to a certain food without a proper diagnosis. It is therefore imperative that a health care provider properly diagnose a food allergy. What is an allergy? Allergies are abnormal...

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Children and Constipation

Parents often think their children are constipated if they do not pass a bowel movement every day, but this is not the case. Children sometimes only pass a bowel movement once or a few times a week. This is often normal and a child is only constipated if there is pain...

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Fussy-Eater No More

Fussy-Eater No More We are all concerned about our children’s eating habits at one point or another. So how do we make the transition from milk to enjoying various foods? The World Health Organization encourages breastfeeding for the first six months of life, and...

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The benefits of bananas for babies

De-lish pouches give extra boost with added bananas The children’s song ‘Go Bananas! Eat Eat Bananas!’ carries some good advice for parents. Bananas are a fantastic fruit option for children six months and older as they are soft, easy to eat and they don’t have seeds...

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